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In the woodlands, the sun was slowly setting over the trees as Darak approached his cozy home set near the foot of a mountain. He had spent a long day chasing various animals, trying to get a meal, but without luck. But he didn't mind.
He unlocked his door, came in, and started a fire in the fireplace, lighting the room comfortably.
He enjoyed his home a lot, keeping it nice and tidy. He took off his armor and got into his basic jumpsuit, and plopped into his nice cushy chair that was just off to the side of the fireplace.
"Ahhh! This is the life!" he sighed, reclining comfortably in his chair. Then he felt somthing warm and soft lie on top of him, half snuggling.
"You said it!" Darak was quite startled to see Nadia lying on top of him, dressed in a pink and red dancing outfit.

"N-Nadia? What are you doing?" he asked, quickly blushing. Nadia smirked at him, her head resting on his shoulder.
"Enjoying Valentines Day silly! What else?
It seems so... But how did you get into my house?" he asked, puzzled.
"What do you normally do on V-Day?" she asked back, purposely dodging his question. She didn't want to admit that she had picked his front door lock and snuck inside.
"Umm... Normally what I do everyday. Why?
Well..." Nadia grinned wider, her tail wiggling into the seat cushions, trying to weave around his tail. After a moment, she found it, quickly wrapping her feminine tail around his. That made him blush even deeper. She could even feel his body temperature rise. She liked that very much.
"I was thinking you and I could make this one unique..." She winked, cuddling close to him. She could feel his heart beating quickly, making her grin even more. How easy it was to get him like this!

"H-how?" he stuttered, having an idea already in mind.
"Well... we could sit together... watch a movie... become mates..." Her alluring green eyes flashed at the last suggestion, seeming to demand his attention.
Darak gulped loudly, feeling her tail sinch tighter around his own. A few beads of sweat trickled down his back.
"Y-y-you wanna... be mates?
We have a winner!" she giggled, pecking his lips quickly, earning a squeak from him. She found it cute when he did that.
Darak was trembling, once again finding it hard to handle her advances.
"Uhhh... Im still not sure if thats a good idea..." he said slowly, unable to look away from her deep eyes.
"You don't have to be sure... Just agree..." she whispered, still smiling.

Darak bit his lip, still not knowing what to do.
"Could we sleep on it and think more about it later?" he asked hopefully.
"That depends..." she said slyly, releasing her grip on him, sitting at his feet. She propped her chin on his knees, back to the fire, grinning still.
"Where do I get to sleep?" Her tail was wagging behind her near the fire...
Darak sniffed the air, finding something amiss. Then he saw the source.
"N-Nadia! Y-youre on fire!" he cried, jumping to his feet.
She however, misinterpreted what he said.
"Feeling energetic, eh?" she asked, getting low to the ground, like a cat about to pounce on its prey.
"N-no! Youre tail!
Hm?" She turned towards her rear and saw that her tail had entered into the fireplace, the end hairs catching fire.
"EEEEEEK!" she shrieked, now running around the room quickly.
"Hold still! Hold still!" Darak ordered, trying to calm her down and put the singed hair out. But Nadia was hysterical. Looking around, she found that Darak's bathtub was full of water /Who knows why? He wasn't about to use it anyway.../ and dove in.
A moment later, she was her old self again, but glaring sullenly. This wasn't how she had planned her romantic evening.
"I... think I'd better go home..." she said, quite embarrassed.
"Are you sure you're okay?" Darak asked, obviously worried about her. Without waiting for her answer, he got her a towel and put it around her, helping her to dry off.
That however, got her to blush slightly.
'I suppose the evening wasn't a complete waste after all...' she thought, trying to hide a smirk.
"Im fine... I'd better go home and change into something else... I don't want my special outfit here to suffer anymore damage than it already has. Thank you though." She wrapped the towel around herself tighter, and before he could react, she quickly kissed him, then scuttled out of his house. Outside his door, she smiled. Although things didn't go as well as she had hoped, she had managed to get some satisfaction from the evening.

Darak on the other hand watched his front door, bewildered.
"... Im never getting that towel back, am I?" he asked the air, before retiring to bed.
A lil' V-Day story that I thought would be fun!

Darak is mine, and Nadia belongs to [link]

Hope everyone likes and pwease comment! :D
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