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May 5, 2010
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"See Marcia? I told you that you would enjoy a bit of time off!" Trish said in a told-you-so tone, smiling at her friend.
"You did, but you didn't have to trick me into coming here." Marcia, the busty red head replied, but couldn't help but smile. Trish had told Marcia that they had to parachute into a special mission zone. The 'special mission' turned out to be relaxing at the Bahamas and parachuting right into a hotel. But since the next boat off the island didn't leave for another week, Marcia didn't have any choice but to relax while she was stuck there. Trish was a wily one! So now the two were swimming in the shallow waters that surrounded the Bahama islands. They were a fair distance from the shore near a large pit in the ground known in the area as blue holes. They were quite dangerous but Trish and Marcia were smart enough to avoid going inside.
It was quite lovely for them at the moment. The water was warm and soft, the sun was shinging brilliantly. The water reached the girl's shoulders so the chances of them drowning were almost nil, so they didn't require a boat to take them back to shore. Marcia's dark red hair now looked almost brown since it was soaked with sea water but she didn't mind. Even though she was relaxing in her bathing suit she still wore her dog tags. Trish was enjoying herself at full blast, gliding under the water as if she were a mermaid, examining shells and the colorful fish that permiated the area. As she explored she spotted a very strange looking eel, which seemed to move backwards towards the blue hole. Trish continued to surface for air and go back down, following the curious eel. As she got closer, she noticed that there was more than just this eel. Wait, it wasn't an eel... It was more like a lure. She recalled that some aquatic creatures could rapidly change colors, putting the famous chameleon to shame. The color changing was used for camoflauge, communication and in some cases... bait. At this realization Trish started to move backwards, which was just at the mouth of the blue hole. But she was close enough. The 'eel' was actually a camoflaughed tentacle, which, seeming to realize it was discovered, returned to its normal reddish color and darted at the retreating Trish.

Trish however was very well toned and was able to swim just out of reach of the tentacle, despite its 30 foot long reach. The owner however wasn't going to give up so easily. This was the Lusca, a legendary giant octopod of the Bahamas. The massive octopod lurched out from over the lip of the blue hole, its mantle and eyes peeping above the water.
Trish's eyes widened, even as she backstroked next to her friend.
"Uhhhh... Marcia? I think this spot is taken..." Trish whispered.
"What do you-? Oh crap..." Marcia quickly saw what she meant as she saw the giant Lusca approaching them. Despite the creature's bulk, it slithered over the ocean floor with startling speed towards the pair. The two split up and began swimming in almost opposite directions to confuse the creature and swim back to shore. For a moment, the octopod seemed confused. But this lasted only a second before it stretched forth one of its tentacles towards Marcia, the red tendril wrapping tightly around her ankle. The suction cups kissed her skin powerfully, ensuring a tight grip. Once it had ahold of poor Marcia it dragged her backwards towards its body, if only to keep one of them from escaping. A moment later it stretched its other tentacles towards Trish, who was farther away. Although she was going against a water dweller, she showed surprising finesse in dodging its searching tentacles. Indeed, it was like trying to his a fly with a spoon. That was until the Lusca thought up a different idea. Camoflaughing one of its tentacles, it slithered its appendage beneath Trish, who was unable to see it beneath her. Then at the right moment the slippery tentacle snaked around her mid-drift, wrapping around her 3 times before hauling her back towards the rest of the writhing mass.

Now that the girls were both grabbed, the octopod planned to have some fun with them. Marcia had other plans and wasn't having any of this. As she was pulled back by her leg she twisted around and sunk her teeth into the tentacle. The skin was quite resiliant, like tire rubber, but the fiesty Marcia didn't let up. If she had a bit more time she might have gotten through, but needless to say, Lusca wasn't too pleased at getting bitten. The water was a bit more shallow here, only up to the girl's stomachs, but that didn't impede the monster. This allowed most of the creature to be seen above the water, its large eyes seeming lifeless. In response to the biting Lusca had another tentacle slither around her neck and pull her straight.
"Darn it, Trish! Of all the places you could have picked, why did you choose the one with the giant squidopus?!" Marcia growled angrilly, trying to pry the tentacle off of her neck.
"How was I supposed to know?" Trish wailed innocently, trying to push the bundle of tentacle off of her hips, which threatened to pull down part of her swimsuit. The Lusca seemed to sense that its hold on Trish was unsteady and withdrew its hold on her, only to try again from a different angle. This time a tentacle wrapped around her hips tightly, slime plastering itself to her charming curves. Trish reached down to try and push them off again, but as she did another tentacle lurched out and pinned her hands to her sides, making her blush.

"This isn't good!" Trish squeaked, trying with all her might to pull free but to no avail.
"Trish, when we get out of this, I am soooo going to get you back for this!" Marcia hissed, disgusted by the slimy tentacles. She shivered as the tentacle around her ankle began to travel up around her leg, the suction cups sucking and kissing at her skin as they went. Same too went for the tentacle around her neck, which traveled down her body, curiously leaving her arms open however. The tentacle creeped over her chest, only growing in thickness as it traveled further. Marcia let out a gurgling sound, using her hands to try and pull the tentacles off.
Trish was busy herself, being lifted out of the water now, seemingly being examined. Another tentacle poked and probed her, the tip also feeling her hair as if curious.
"Uhhhh... Nice octopus?" Trish asked, as if it would help tame the beast. That seemed to be a mistake as the tentacle now poked the inside of her mouth, the tiny suction cups sticking to the side of her mouth.
"Yuck! I hath a denthitht!" Trish mumbled, unable to speak clearly due to the intruding tentacle. That crossed a line for her and she bit the tentacle with her mollars. That was enough to make the octopus withdraw its appendage, now learning not to stick anything near their mouths.
"Ptui! That was nasty!" Trish gagged, spitting out some slime that had come off in her mouth.

"My gosh Trish do something!" Marcia urged, hating that she was being girl-handled by an animal. Almost as if sensing her bitterness the octopus gave her a squeeze.
"Oof!" She gasped, trying to catch her breath. She could feel the suction cups caress every bit of exposed flesh on her body. Man, everyone was going to think she was the victim of a hickey attack! But then it seemed to let her go, except for her leg. It lifted her out of the water and held her upside down, letting her flail a bit in the air.
"Do I look like a puppet to you creepo?" Marcia asked, folding her arms indignantly. She looked right into one of its large eyes defiantly. But Lusca paid her no mind, continuing to examine her. The tip of an exploratory tentacle prodded her foot, making her wiggle and giggle a bit, being ticklish. The octopus seemed to take note, trying again. Again Marcia laughed in response, trying to shoo the tentacle away. But it was too late for her now. The tentacle wrapped around her foot, the suction cups kissing the sole of her foot mercilously. Marcia laughed and thrashed in laughter, hating the treatment she was getting.
"Well, at least Marcia is enjoying herself a little bit." Trish muttered, still trying to free herself.  At last, she managed to pull one of her arms free and groped along the ocean floor for anything that might help them.

The Lusca now seemed to tire of its toying and began to show something beneath its mantle. A gooey underside showed and then... a large, glistening beak. Marcia's eyes widened in shock.
"On second thought, go ahead and use me as a puppet!" she pleaded. The octopod held her tightly, squeezing her in hopes of making her easier to consume. Marcia thrashed and flailed wildly for dear life.
"Hold on Marcia!" Trish cried, frantically searching the floor still. Then she got ahold of something. It was a large shell with a bitterly sharp edge on one side. She would have prefered a rocket launcher, but this would have to do to save herself and her friend. Trish pulled her arm back and flung it forward, throwing the shell like it was a ninja star. The shell whisked foreward, spinning and plunged into the octopod's eye. The Lusca shrieked horridly in pain, immediately dropping both girls to the water. Using all of its tentacles in the shallow water, the beast pushed itself backwards, back towards the blue hole which was its home, spraying a fountain of black ink at the two girls. In a few moments it was gone.
Both girls spluttered out of the water. Trish was drenched in the ink while Marcia was fairly clean.
"Oh man! My blond stripe is all black now..." Trish sighed sadly, the ink dying her hair.
"I almost get eaten and you're complaining about your hair?" Marcia asked, unbelieving.
"Oh, ummm... You're welcome for saving you?" Trish attempted, smiling sheepishly. Marcia's eyes narrowed.
"Remember what I said I would do if we got out of this?" Marcia asked. Trish only paused a moment before she began swimming full throttle for the beach.
"Get back here! The more you try to escape the angrier I get!" Marcia roared, swimming after Trish.
Hoo boy! This was a fun bit. This was my half of an art trade with
[link] wanting to see his two gals having a fun encounter with a tentacled monster.
Hope everyone likes! :D

Trish and Marcia belong to [link]
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I hope Trish survives Marcia's wrath.
Great job.
Branded-Curse May 6, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Just another day in paradise, huh? :P

First of all, I must say you portraied the gals pretty well! That so sounds like them :thumbsup:
However, I'm missing something here. Forgot about it?
Uh oh! What did I forget? (Freaks out)
Branded-Curse May 6, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Werent they supposed to get squeezed together? :?
I actually don't remember being told that. O-O
Branded-Curse May 6, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I remember you offering it ;-)
I did? Crap! I'm sorry! (Smacks head against keyboard repeatedly)
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