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February 10, 2009
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Green blood was spattered over cement rubble, glowing ominously bright in the unnatural dark of the night. The phosphorecent green liquid dribbled over the rubble... and onto ancient charred human skulls. The blood seeped into the long vacant sockets and then over the teeth, giving it a surreal look. Crinch! A silvery metal foot crushed the skull like an eggshell, sending shattered bone into the dark dirt.
A cringing metal face, showing bare metallic teeth looked at the ground, examining the blood. The humanoid machine looked like a demon incarcerated into a metal chasis. The red eyes widened and closed, like an actual human pupil. Sensors in the machine's body analyzed the direction and content of the blood. This was indeed the target the Hunter Killer was after. Its origin was unknown. But it posed a significant threat, whatever it was. Its weaponry was unique and could prove valuable. The reasons for the creature's eradication weren't unusual. It needed to die because it posed a threat and had potental use. Simple. Few things in existance were more effecient at the art of killing that this machine. Killer. Terminator.

Two miles away from the naked, metal terminator, it's quarry groaned, hiding beneath an overhang of cement. The creature groaned in pain, a medkit beside it, open and displaying it's contents. A long laceration went from above it's hip to it's ribs. Its bright green blood stained skin, metal and cloth. An explosion had sent a piece of sharp shrapnel flying and cutting the Hunter. Some of its environment netting had been cut as well. The Hunter used an effective, but very painful means to seal the injury. With a red hot medical tool, the Hunter seared its injury shut. A hissing crackle could be heard, not unlike the sound of bacon cooking as the skin boiled together. The roar it let loose was terrifying to behold. It was an unearthly and piercing shriek that was like a dozen razors being dragged down a chalk board. The Hunter would apply other medical additions later.
Right now, it wanted to take its anger out on the bizzare machines responsible for it's injury. The thought of the metal beasts being blown into oblivion was a comforting thought, helping to curb the pain. It reached over towards it's burner, which was propped against the side of the overhang. The uses for this weapon were extremely limited due to its horrific power, but this situation definitely qualified. In addition to that was it's shoulder mounted plasma caster, wrist blades, netgun, and a collapsable two headed axe with heavy, jagged blades. Perhaps even more was a satchel with about a dozen explosive mines that could be activated remotely or from a proximity fuse. For the time being, this should be plenty.
With a grunt, the Hunter pushed itself to it's feet, half using its extended spear/axe to push itself up. It truly looked ready for battle. In it's left hand was its heavy bladed axe that could punch through armor with ease. In it's right hand it held it's combat burner, the stock pressed to it's shoulder. Now it was time for war.
Not exactly supposed to be apart of what Ive written before, but I just want to have a simple short story without having a giant long plot. Ima gonna write more later so dont worry!

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Short but still good. By the way where was the Plasma burner first introduced? I'm not too familiar with it. I only know of the weapons scene in the movies. By the way I got this idea of something the Predator could do. You know that blue solvent the Predator used to melt stuff for patching up it's wounds in Predator 2 and used it to mix with water to melt Alien carcass's? Imagine the Predator lures a good number of Terminators near water, say a sewer trap. And then it drops a large amount of the solvent and the Terminators end up losing large parts of themselves to the chemical reaction.
It was first introduced in the comic/book AvP War Part 1. Fierce weapons those! Basically Predator assault rifles.

Not a bad idea, but I'm afraid the solvent works only on organic material.
Oh well too bad then. Unless you wanna have the Predator figure out a way to alter the solvent so it can destroy or severely damage a Terminator.
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