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December 11, 2008
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Predator gliders are 2 meter wide, blade adorned platforms used for small amounts of storage and speedy transport over great distances and around terrain that is near impossible to cross on foot. Predators use them often during long hunts when they can’t carry all of their equipment over a great distance. And in other cases they can be used for vicious combat. The sides of the craft have large and grotesque blades that can cleave through flesh with sickening ease and butcher an opponent in a quick swoop. Set in the front are either a single or pair of beefed up plasma casters. Although they can’t move like their younger brothers, they can swivel slightly but most often are stuck forward facing. Its not uncommon for one to be able to fires small spears or harpoons for quiet kills, or even nets! These items however, are rare.
The craft are amazingly agile and maneuverable, able to turn around very sharp corners with ease. Metal foot clamps help keep the rider mounted and prevent him from falling. But the rider can easily hop free. The craft can approach 100 miles per hour in good conditions while at full speed. It can reach surprising altitudes, being able to match those of helicopters, although they usually don’t go that high. It’s powered by an internal battery that has an astounding lifespan. A glider can go for years of use without needing a recharge or battery replacement. Its propulsion system is mysterious, only making a faint hum and seemingly having no exhaust for moving or staying aloft. And, like ships and Predators themselves, the craft have a powerful self destruct device built inside them to prevent capture.
Like many other Predator items, it is equipped with a stealth cloak. Near the foot mounts are small compartments for storing extra weapons, food, medical supplies, and even trophy storage. Perhaps the most vital is a homing beacon made for attracting friendly ships in the even that a Predator is stranded on a planet. They often have small clasps to hook weapons onto and are in the open for easy access. Others are stored in the compartments.
Predators will often leave these hidden while they hunt, whether they stay invisible in the air, buried underground or lying on the floor of an abandoned building. Although if hunting unnaturally fast prey a Predator will use this to pursue it, although it is rarely used to actually make the kill. Its merely to catch up. It can also be used to get on top of very high peaks or formations. Or, in rare events, crossing large bodies of water.  While it is often stored and left the craft can quickly be summoned to its rider by a signal sent out by the wrist computer that Predators wear. A few quick taps and the craft with quickly come to its master.
Riding it is a unique sight to see. A large bestial Predator crouching on top to keep balance while zooming around on the small craft is both bewildering and terrifying. The rider controls the mount with small foot movements, using its toes to manipulate tiny controls. While this may seem like a risky mode of control, the sensitive and wary Predators are quite adept at controlling the agile vehicles and are quite comfortable on them. They can, in very rare instances, be sent to make deliveries or attacks.
Like many other Predator items, each glider is slightly different from another and often reflects its owner’s tastes. Some are adorned with bits of flesh and skulls from fallen enemies. Others have symbols printed on them as a sign of ownership. Different blades rim the edges of the vehicle with different inscriptions inscribed on the metal.
Being rare, these items are highly treasured by their master’s. To own one of these shows that its owner has survived countless hunts and engagements. Only battle hardened veterans can own them, which they have rightly earned.
Awhile back I saw a fan picture of a Predator on a glider type thing, like the one the Green Goblin uses in Spider Man. Needless to say, the idea really struck me and instantly liked it. So, I decided to write up a little description!

Hope everyone likes it, or even draws something of it! :D
hmm.... nice one i think
i am sure you did hard work on that ^_^
Well, I actually saw a fan pic on another site, and I just thought it was the coolest thing sinced sliced bread! So I had to write something about it, y'know?
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