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April 18, 2009
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This was it. This would be the night that Nadia succeeded in making Darak her mate. This night she had pulled out all the stops. Nothing would stand between her and her love. She had convinced Darak to let her over so they could discuss something of great importance. At the moment Darak was relaxing on his large bed, waiting for her to emerge from the bathroom. He cluelessly thought she was simply taking care of buisness. But Nadia was doing something far more important. She was preparing.

She had put on the best outfit she could concieve of. About her chest and tops of her shoulders she donned foldes of purple and red silk that wrapped about her pleasantly. It looked as if she had woven a turban around herself, exposing her muscular stomach and back. Her lower torso was adorned similarly, comfortably wrapped around her hips and thighs. Her arms were sheathed in light blue sleeves that went from her forearms to her wrists. Her hair had been groomed to perfection. It was now softer and more radiant than the silk she wore. Her emerald eyes shined with a radiance that would do her mother proud. Perhaps her most powerful asset now was her tail. It was now emitting a light phermone that drove male saiyans insane with lust. But luckily it wasn't in full swing. It was enough to catch him though. He wouldn't be able to resist. She smiled at her own cunning. Show time!

Darak rested on his thick blankets, hands behind his head. What was she up to in there? His question was answered when his door opened, revealing Nadia dazzling in her best appearance. Darak's jaw dropped, eyes widening. His tail thumped againt the blankets loudly. He quickly stopped that by clamping his hand down on it.
Nadia grinned, pleased by his response. He certainly had his attention.
"Darak, we need to speak of something of the utmost importance." she said calmly, striding over to him. Her hips swayed attractively. She then slid up next to him, her movements fluid and seductive, somewhat like a snakes. His red cheeks showed that he found her quite likable. She grinned wider.

"Wh-what do we need to talk about?" Darak squeaked.
"Us." she purred, eyes half closed.
"I love you. And you love me. We are perfect for eachother. We were made for eachother. All that remains for us is to marry. To become mates." she cooed, placing one of her smooth hands on his chest. His blush deepened.
"W-well I don't know if its the right ti-" She silenced his poor objection by running her tail beneath his nose, exposing him to her phermones. Darak's pupils dialated, indicating that he was at least partially intoxicated by her aroma.
"You were saying?" she asked, smiling slyly. She slid her tail slid around his neck coaxingly.

Darak felt dreamy, light headed. He looked at Nadia as if she were the most precious thing in existance, nothing short of a goddess in her appearance. He contemplated her words, letting them sink in. Then he gave his answer.

Nadia felt her heart leap as Darak leaned forward to her and pressed his warm lips to her own. At first she had been surprised at his boldness, not accustomed to him showing affection. But it passed quickly, giving way to the burning of love. She pressed back, massaging her pink lips against his passionately. After a moment Darak broke the kiss and spoke.
"Nadia youre right. You always were. We are meant to be together. Let us become mates!" Nadia had to hold back her tears of joy, smiling from ear to ear. Darak matched her expression. The two then embraced, seeming to light the room with glowing joy. Nadia kissed him again, closing her eyes to help savor the moment...

But when she opened her eyes again she was staring at a saliva-soaked pillow. She blinked, trying to understand. She wasn't in her lover's arms. She wasn't in his bed. She wasn't at his house. She wasn't in her outfit. She was in her own bed in her own house. She bit back tears at the realization. It was a dream. Although the dream had been exhilerating, she wished terribly that it had been reality. She sniffed sadly. It had seemed so real... Like it was how it was meant to be... Then another thought occured to her. Had the Kais sent her the dream as a message? Was that how she was supposed to acquire her love? She smiled, her sadness dissolving. Perhaps things were taking a turn for the better.
This is how I imagined the two would get together! A truly romantic moment in my opinion.
But I couldn't let Nadia win that easily. Poor gal! I feel sorta sad for having her dreamed the thing, but I like the idea of letting her work for him.

I hope everyone likes it! :D

Nadia belongs to [link]
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Kidachei-San Aug 24, 2009  Student Digital Artist
Awww poor gal, she wants him but doesn't have the guy's like that :( but hope and love is in the air :)
Kidachei-San Aug 24, 2009  Student Digital Artist
XD nice chapt anyway ^^
Kidachei-San Aug 24, 2009  Student Digital Artist
Ur welcome ^^
Ha! Makes ya wonder who was toying around with who. I really liked this one.
Thanks! Im glad ya like it!
Aww, poor Nadi! *comforts her*
You are so mean! :XD:
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