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August 9, 2009
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Deep in the jungles of India was a particularly beautiful lake with clear and well temperatured water. This naturally attracted animals there, but most either left, or were never seen again. This was because Kaa had taken residence there. Kaa was widely accepted as the most dangerous predator in the jungle, only rivaled by Shere Khan, and even then many would rather deal with the tiger than Kaa. There was good reason for this. Kaa was now almost 60 feet long and 2 feet thick at his widest, and all muscle. He could easily crush the life out of any victim he pleased, even the might Indian elephant that dwelled in the jungles. His camoflauge and stealth made him very difficult to find, and most creatures didn't even know he was around. He was surprisingly mobile for his size. Kaa could easily travel over even and rugged ground, swim very quickly through water and climb any tree. In short, no animal could hide from his hunger. But perhaps his most potent ability was his hypnosis. With only his eyes and his seductive words he could bring even the most strong willed creature into a helpless trance, which he could then eat at his liesure. But right now he was watching a particular creature in the lake that he found more appetizing than any other before...

Visiting the wonderous lake was Melody, a marvelous specimen of womanhood at only 17. As she broke the surface of the water one could clearly make out her distinct features. She had dark black hair that reached down her back and to her waist, which was now slicked back from the water. Her body was perfectly built, all muscle and smooth skin. She was lithe and very fit from swimming so much. Being in the water as she was now, she wore her favorite swimsuit, which she wouldn't dare wear in public. It was a wavy blue and green bikini, which showed showed off her amazing feminine features. This particular bikini revelaed her impressive C sized chest, which often attracted eyes, while the other half showed off a fair portion of her well shaped rear. But what she liked most of all were her aqua blue eyes, which were unusually bright and alluring. All in all, Melody was a perfect example of beauty.
"Ahhh, how gorgeous! This water is perfect!" she exclaimed, greatly enjoying her swim. Closing her eyes she backstroked beneath some trees, simply enjoying the water.

Kaa smiled widely. Now was his chance! The girl was swimming right below his tree as luck would have it. He wouldn't miss this beauty! Despite his great size Kaa was actually quite graceful in his movements. He moved his tail towards Melody fluidly. He quickly slid his tail around her and firmly wrapped 3 coils around her welled shaped rear, almost forming a seat.
As soon as he had a firm grip on her he hoisted her up quickly from the water in his tree home.

"Whoa! What the heck?" Melody exclaimed. She was very surprised to find herself grabbed by something squishy yet incredibly firm at the same time. Then before sh new it, she was clean out of the water and in the air. Even stranger, she now felt leves and sticks brushing pat her. What was happening? She pulled her wet hair away with her hands, wanting to know what it was that was holding her. To her horror she found herself looking into the large yellow eyes of a huge snake!
"Oh crap..." she whispered, the blood draining from her face.

"Well, hello there girlcub!" Kaa greeted, enjoying her surprise, and the feeling of her body in his coils. He wanted to know what it felt like to have her whole body trapped inside his coils!
Melody's jaw dropped.
"You... can... talk?" Melody asked, not believing her own ears. Was she going insane?
"Why of courssse!" Kaa replied. Melody blinked.
"Oh... kay... I have found a talking snake... Alright, I've lost my mind." Melody said, sighing.
"Losssst your mind?" Kaa asked, smiling. How ironic that she would say such a thing...
"Yeah, lost my mind. There must be something in the water here." Melody replied, thinking the water had intoxicated her brain somehow.
"You haven't lossst your mind... Not yet..." Kaa hissed to her, grinning wider. He put his big yellow eyes right next to her own, wanting to enjoy this.
"Uuuuh... What are you doing...?" Melody asked, scooting as much as she could away from Kaa, which wasn't much. She looked him back in the eyes, growing nervous. She placed her hands on the coils around her hands on the coils around her butt and waist.

"You sssaid you've lossst your mind... I plan to help with that..." Kaa giggled, unleashing his hypnotic glare. His eyes bubbled with blue, green and purple rings of color from the center of his pupils, which no creature could resist.
Melody's attention was immediately hooked, which one could tell because she stopped moving away and actually brought her head closer. Her own soft blue eyes suddenly shrank and began mimicking Kaa's eyes. Her's moved more slowly though, trying to push her mind into a trance.
"H-huh...?" Melody faintly questioned, feeling suddenly tired. She found Kaa's eyes strangely alluring, like when staring into a well with water shadows playing on the walls.
"Resssst little girlcub... You are tired... You wisssh to ssssleep..." Kaa hummed to her softly. He felt her body steadily growing weaker as she lost control of her body as well as her mind. To keep her from falling over and breaking eye contact Kaa rolled thicker coils up and about her delicious body. He had 8 inch coils slowly rub against her warm skin, pressing into her stomach, generous chest and neck. Melody moaned softly, somewhat enjoying the fluid feeling of the cold coils massaging her now dry skin. Her stomach tingled with the sensation, but didn't have a lot of ability to think and enjoy it. She felt her ability to think, reason, or even move steadily slipping away as she stared into the snake's eyes. She had the faint feeling to look away, that the eyes were bad... But she didn't want to look away. The rings, they were so pretty... She found she couldn't look away, but didn't have the time to worry.

Kaa giggled at her as she tried to keep her head propped up and her eyes open. He knew it wasn't any use. There was no escaping his hypnotic powers, unless the victim was jolted. And he wasn't about to let that happen. Nothing would stand between himself, and a fun meal! He now had Melody's entire upper body and buttocks coiled softly but firmly in a cocoon of muscle. He used his tail to force her eyes in his direction, although it wasn't necessary.
"Yesssss little one... You want to ssssleep... Don't you little girlcub...?" Kaa droned slowly and softly, lisping at her deliberately, his tongue flicking her nose in a tasting way. Kaa bobbed his head playfully, knowing she couldn't break eye contact with him and making her head nod, as if saying yes to his question. He giggled at her again, enjoying her easily overwhelmed mind. Melody mumbled something softly, her eyes just barely open. She felt horribly sleepy, morso than she ever had before. She wanted nothing more than to fall aslep and rest. Her mind buzzed with the desire to sleep, a constant begging that her mind and body wanted. She could just barely keep her eyes open. Her mouth hung open in an almost constant yawn and the simple lack of being able to have complete control over her body. Kaa playfully tapped her tongue with his tail, then used his tail to shut her mouth.
"It isssn't polite to ssstare." Kaa teased, knowing she couldn't last much longer. With a final squeeze of his coils, pressing into her soft, warm body, Melody's mind collapsed and gave in. She was now in a strong trance, which was signified by a now clueless, blissful smile that stretched from ear to ear. She now belonged to Kaa.

Kaa stopped his hypnosis and smiled smugly at her. He had done it again! Another human trapped in his embrace and at his mercy. But what was the point of having such a cute girl and not having some fun first? Kaa cinched his coils a bit tighter around her, making her gasp for air.
"Tell me little ssslave... What isss your name?" Kaa asked, rubbing his scaly cheek against her own.
"M-Melody..." she said tiredly, her eyes now closing.
"Melody? Sssuch a cute name!" Kaa said adoringly, flicking his pink tongue against her nose again.
"Thanks..." she snored, her legs swinging limply outside of Kaa's coils.
"Now... What should I do with a marveloussss delicacccy asss yourssself?" Kaa asked, unravelling her body  and hanging her upside down, his tail wrapped around her ankles. Her black hair flowed below her head along with her limp arms.
"I... don't know..." Melody yawned. Kaa brought his head down near her's to examine her body more fully.
"Sssurely you can think of sssomething..." Kaa insisted. He smiled. Quite impressive! Although her chest looked extremely tasty, it would be a bit of a bump to work over. But he would manage! He licked his lips as he examined her lightly tanned skin, enjoying her muscled stomach, large chest, muscled rear, and slender legs. How delicious she would be!

"I want... to sleep..." Melody answered honestly, yawning tiredly.
"How about we play a little game? You like gamesss, don't you Melody?"
"Yeah... I do actually..." she said quietly, smiling at the mention of games.
"Good! Now jussst walk wherever I tell you to, and you will win, alright?
Alright... that sounds like fun..." Melody said, not really able to digest the information too well but found it amusing non the less.
"Excccellent! Now..." Kaa turned her right side up and set her on the middle of his body.
"Now... walk." Kaa commanded, smiling. Ever obedient, Melody began to walk with a slow but relaxed gait down his back, smiling blissfully as she felt the soft scales on the soles of her feet.
"Mmmm... This feels good..." Melody cooed girlishly.
"Yesss, it doesss. Now keep walking." Kaa said, smiling. He wanted to test his coil skill and have fun with her at the same time. When she reached his tail, she would fall, but Kaa would try to catch her before she fell.
Melody continued to walk cluelessly, having no idea where she was headed. As she walked Kaa stroked the small of her back with his tail, almost tickling her. But then she came to where she fell...

Melody fell off of Kaa's body and started falling to the ground. But Kaa, with his marvelous speed and dexterity, quickly formed a cocoon and held it beneath her. With a plop, Melody fell inside Kaa's scaly prison perfectly. Kaa smiled, enjoying the feel of her. He slowly squeezed her muscled body, savoring the touch. He pressed his coils into her warm body lustfully. He rubbed his thick, muscular coils around her legs. He had his coils squeeze around her chest, squishing. Kaa slid his tail fittingly around her throat, half cutting off her air supply. Melody gulped but continued to smile broadly, the trance making her love the treatment her body was receiving. How marvelous it felt!
Kaa smacked his lips, his forked tongue flicking and tasting her faintly pink lips. Delicious!
"Now Melody, are you comfortable?"
Melody nodded, smiling wider.
"Good, becaussse now you really have lossst your mind." Kaa chuckled evilly, squeezing a bit tighter. Melody moaned, either in pleasure or pain. The tightness around her body and the jungle heat caused Melody to start sweating. Droplets of sweat dribbled down every part of her body, small drops dripping from the tips of her toes. Her pretty face was beaded with sweat. Kaa smiled and gave another tightening squeeze, knowing the sweat would make her only tastier.
"Mmmmmmm..." Melody groaned, seeming to enjoy the torturous pleasure.
"You want to be even more comfortable melody?" Kaa asked, smiling sadistically at her.
"Yes... very much..." Melody said quietly.
"Then let me take you to ssssomewhere even warmer and smoother... My ssstomach!" With that Kaa opened his mouth above her head frighteningly wide, eyes closed and mouth ready to clamp down on Melody's smiling, precious face and head.

"COMPANYYYYY MARCH!!!" a loud and extremely commanding voice boomed. Loud crashing could suddenly be heard very close by, as if boulders were crushing every tree and twig in their path. Kaa closed his mouth and looked up in surprise. Colonel Hathi! The elephant Colonel and his group of massive elephants would flatten him and his tree while trying to get to the lake! Normally Kaa would simply get out of the way or scare them off, but almost a third of his body was occupied with his meal. Kaa wanted to scream. He would either be crushed... or let his prey go. Kaa hissed angrilly in displeasure and threw Melody into the lake and quickly slithered away. What horrible luck! Why was it that everytime he was about to get a satisfying meal, something interupted him!? He growled in fury as the tree he had occupied only a few seconds ago was trampled by Hathi and his company.

Melody suddenly came to her own mind again, startled. She coughed, underwater, but sputtered and swam to the surface. She looked up and saw a large troop of elephants in front of her about 20 feet away. What a sight! Not positive what was happening, Melody simply turned and swam for the opposite shore, not wanting to be so close to such large elephants... or a snake she saw earlier, or thought she saw...
Whooohoo! Another awesome story done! This is a request from [link]
I worked really hard on this one so I hope that you and everyone else likes it! :D

Kaa and Colonel Hathi belong to Disney
Melody belongs to [link]
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