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November 23, 2008
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Bass sat in a fluffy chair in her home, clad in her normal grey dress. Her blond hair hung loosely around her shoulders as she read a small book.  It was around Christmas time and she had decorated her home with various pieces of Christmasy things.
Then a loud knock sounded on her door. She looked up from her book.
"Hm? Whos that?" she asked herself aloud. Closing her book and setting it aside, she strode to her door and looked through the peephole. There, she saw Pred-kun standing on her porch, looking at his feet with his hands behind his back. She smiled, knowing he wasn't a threat.
She unlocked her door noisily and opened it.
"Hello Pred-kun! What are you doing here?" she greeted, holding the door open for him.
He smiled back kindly and stepped inside, his hands still behind his back.
"Hi Bass. I just wanted to drop by..." he said shyly. Despite his poor attempts, Bass saw him hiding something behind his back.

"Oh really? Well, what have you got there?" she asked, pointing.
"What has who got?" he asked, trying to act clueless and not knowing what she was talking about. She couldnt help but smile.
"Right there silly! Youre hiding it behind your back.
No Im not." he insisted. Bass rolled her eyes, quickly stepping back and grabbing what he had. He yelped but let her take it. It was a small soft package in Christmas wrapping paper.
"Is this for me Pred-kun?" she asked, looking up at him. He blushed and nodded, looking at the ground. Bass smiled widely. He was so thoughtful!
"Well, what is it?
You have to open it." Not seeing a reason why she shouldn't, Bass tore the package open. To her surprise, she found that the package contained a red silk dress.
"Pred-kun! This is gorgeous! Where did you buy it?" she asked, holding the dress to her body to see if it would fit and how it would look.
"I didnt buy it. I made it!" he said proudly, smiling. Bass smiled warmly and hugged him tightly.
"Thank you so much! Its perfect!" Pred-kun blushed deeply with the physical contact but smile and hugged her back. She didnt even think to ask where he got the materials to make it.
"I was hoping you would like it.
I do! I do!" she giggled, planting a kiss on his cheek. He immediately blushed deeper, as he usually did.

"Well, Id better go now. Enjoy your gift!" Pred-kun then quickly scuttled out of her house, his tail wagging quickly. Bass smiled. He was so sweet sometimes!
She went to her bathroom and changed into the dress to see how it fit. Much to her delight, it fit perfectly and looked extravagant. She smirked deviously, thinking about how hot she would look and how jealous she would make other saiyan girls feel. She decided that she would show off her new dress! Putting on a trench-coat as camoflauge, she went to visit Ginyu. Her brown trench-coat covered her shoulders down to her legs, hiding her dress completely.
When she arrived though, she found Ginyu in his house and looking distressed. She frowned worriedly and knocked on his door. He opened and seemed a bit relieved to see her.
"Is something wrong Ginyu?" she asked, stepping in.
"Yes... There is..." he grumbled, clenching a fist.
"Well... Maybe I know something that could help." she said, smirking, wanting to present her dress.
"Unless its a new set of 200,000 zeni drapes, it wont help!" Bass paused.
Yeah! I bought some new drapes 2 days ago and someone cut them up!" He pointed to a window that  had a set of red, silken drapes that had big chunks cut out of them. Bass's eyes widened, her throat drying.
"When I find whoever did that, Im going to knock him or her from her to Namek! Ginyu style!" he roared, the veins on his forhead bulging. Then, after a few seconds, he seemed to calm down.
"Im sorry... So, what did you want to show me?"
This is a little mini-story I did for chibi-schnurri. I wanted it to be something funny involving our characters and bring out some Christmas spirit! :D

For those of you that didnt figure it out, Pred-kun, my guy, broke into Ginyu's house, butchered his super expensive drapes, and made a dress out of them. Classic!

Anywhat, I hope she and everyone else enjoys this little piece of comedy!

Bass belongs to chibi-schnurri.
Ginyu belongs to Akira Toriama.
Pred-kun belongs to moi!
Such a sweet story! I like it a lot, pal! :hug:
You have talent, you know that? You're very good with words and expression, but hey, you already told me!

Good job! Thanks again! :smooch:
Awwww thanks! It was nothin'! :D
ahahahaha funny xD
poor girl
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