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"When is the popcorn gonna be ready?" Darak whined, his stomach grumbling. He was sitting in Nadia's living room.
"Hold on ya big baby!" Nadia replied. She was in her kitchen making popcorn for the both of them. A minute later she came out carrying a comically oversized bucket of popcorn.

"Ooooh! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!" Darak chanted as Nadia sat next to him. Nadia grinned mischifiously.
"You want it? Well, here you go!" Placing her hand on the back of his head, she pushed his face into the bucket, making popcorn fly out in all directions. Darak however, didn't seem to mind. She could hear him munching on the popcorn in the bucket.

Nadia had earlier invited Darak over to watch a movie that night with her. With just a tiny bit of coaxing, he agreed.
"Now, you keep that up bucko while I put the movie in." she said, hopping to her feet and going to her TV set. Her tail swished from side to side happily.
"What movie are we watching?" Darak asked, his head pulling out of the bucket. His face was dotted with butter and popcorn pieces.
Nadia grinned widely.
"We're going to watch Twilight!" she said happily.

"Twilight?" Darak asked. Nadia paused for a moment.
"Excuse me?
Twilight. What is it?" He had to be joking.
"Thats not funny Darak." she said sternly.
"But I'm not joking..." he said innocently.
Nadia turned around, looking at him intently. She could tell from his look that he truely didn't know what it was. Even he couldn't be that oblivious...

"Oh! Is it that show with that catchy tune? The one with all kinds of bizzare stories that last half an hour each. Twilight Zone! Thats it! Is that what we're watching?" Darak chirped, perking up for a moment.
"You can't possibly be serious..." she said.
"Are we going to watch the one where the cops try to find the alien in the diner?" he went on, not having any clue that she was steadily getting more frustrated.
"No, you HAVE to have at least heard of this movie!" she cried. How could he possibly not know about Twilight!?!?

"They made a Twilight Zone movie? Then it must be good!" he cried happily. That did it. Nadia launched herself at him, tackling him to the couch and making popcorn spray.
"HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW ABOUT TWILIGHT!?!?!?" she screached, looking like she was trying to throttle him. Darak however was able to fend for himself, being much stronger. But that didn't mean he was having trouble.
"What is it? Please Nadia! Was it something I said? Something about the Twilight Zone?
Its not the Twilight Zone you oaf!" she cried.
"What else could it be?
Oh my gosh, youre driving me insane!" Nadia shouted. For about an hour, Darak continued to babble in his oblivious way, while Nadia was being driven mad by his idiocy. Nadia quickly learned that Darak didn't know when to shut his pie-hole orhave any idea what Twilight was. She just hoped that this was the worst thing about him.
A little comedy thing I thought up. Now, at the risk of my own safety from all of the Twilight fangirls out there, I have not actually seen it...
So I wanted to make a lil' joke out of it involving Darak and Nadia while trying to have quality time.

Hope you enjoy!

Nadia belongs to [link]
NajisFukitsu Featured By Owner May 7, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Twilight Zone is awesome
Twilight sucks donkey
chibi-schnurri Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2009
You really seem to like this pairing, don't you? *grins*

Nadia and Twilight! PRICELESS! :D
Predator755 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2009
What pair? I don't see any pair! (Shifty eyed look)

Not too bad of a combo, eh? Heehee!
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