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March 9, 2009
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"Just in here Darak." Nadia chirped, smiling.
"Alright, alright.
And no peeking!" she ordered, watching him carefully, even though he was blindfolded. She had told him that she had a present for him in his room. And she did, but not what he might be expecting.
She opened his door and gently escorted him in.
"Now, sit down.
Kay." Darak obeyed, sitting on his bed slowly.
"Now... Whats the present?" he asked, very curious.
"You don't have any guesses?" Nadia asked, smiling. She slowly knelt in front of him.
"Hmmm... Food?
Try again!
Uh... I give up.
Youre too easy!" she laughed. To give him a hint, she hopped up and sat on his lap. As she expected, a blush came to his cheeks.

"Oh boy... Y-you mean-
Yes, I mean." she chuckled, wrapping her arms around him quickly and tightly, making him yelp. She had been waiting waaaay too long for this! She pushed him backwards, pinning him onto his own bed with her body. Both of their bodies warmed, Nadia giggling. Her tail was wagging wildly high in the air.
"Youre all mine now!" she cackled, slapping her lips against his. How delightful it was! She pressed her well built body againt his, further trapping him.
She could feel Darak wiggling beneath her, feel his muscles shifting and working. And boy, did she like that!

Then, something she didn't expect happened. She heard a clicking, and then Darak's bedroom door opened. Who could that possibly be!?
"Oh my! What have we here?" a female voice said, sounding amused and perky. Nadia released her entire grip on Darak, her makeout attempt blown. Who was that!? She was going to FRY whoever it was!
Darak sat up, lifting the blindfold.
Well hello there tough stuff! Who's the girl?" There, standing in the doorway, was the seductive and alluring female saiyan, Annah.
Darak, even with his dull brain, could tell this was a recipe for chaos.
"Oh boy... Nadia?" Nadia leapt from her perch at Annah. Darak was just barely able to tackle and restrain the raging female, having to basically switch sides from what had been happening earlier.
"Let me go! Let me go!" Nadia shrieked, fighting, trying to break Darak's embrace. But she couldn't. His thick arms were far too powerful for her to escape.

"Sorry Annah! She's very territorial!" Darak said, still keeping Nadia pinned.
"Oh, its alright. I can hardly blame her." Annah said, smirking at the two writhing on the floor. Boy, wasn't this a moment to remember!
A lil' story idea Furipa came up with, that I obviously liked the sound of.
Still a combination of comedy and romance. Hope you all like! Please comment! :D

Nadia belongs to [link]
Annah belongs to [link]
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heehee i know annah-san ^^
You do? Whats she like Leek?
*Laughs so hard* Man, what a twist XD
Thanks! But you provided the idea after all. (Winks)
hehehehe And I have a feeling it's going to get greater XD
WHO TOLD YOU!? I, erm, I mean yeah, maybe it will...
hehehe yeah MAYBE ^^
Heh heh! You got me!
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