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October 7, 2010
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Throughout the galaxy, the warlord tyrant Frieza has many outposts scattered about. Some are small, some are large, but all function as small bases for which Frieza can operate in his quest for universal domination. One such base was in the borders of Frieza's territory. On the planet Zenon, which was bombarded day and night by intense blue light that was cast from a star obscured by a blue gas cloud, cast the entire planet in a blue glow. The radiation made the entire planet uncomfortably hot, requiring special walls for every vehicle and building within the base.
It was much like the ships Frieza and his men used. White walls made out of a strange, airtight crumbly material. Large bulbous dark blue windows festooned the walls and ceilings like big, unblinking eyes. The builings seemed to have been formed from bubbling swells, making them look more organic that mechanic. A spire rose from the center of the strange building cluster. Atop of it was a small bulb, making it a watch tower. From here Frieza's minions could see great distances in any direction, communicate with spacecraft and send messages throughout the base. It was a doubtless important part of the complex. It was also a magnificent target.

Through the depths of space, headed straight for the base came the ship of Turles. Although he had been marked a traitor, his ship was difficult to identify. On the outer border of the base were multiple landing pads. Some were for small single man space pods, others were massive flats to accustom massive spaceships. Turles's ship was headed for the nearest of the big pads. The ship sped quickly towards the base, seeming to grow inside the viewing screen Turles used. He smiled grimly in the dark interior of his ship, arms folded. One of Frieza's bases. A symbol of his terror and might, completely unsuspecting of the oncoming doom that was headed towards them at light speed. They wouldn't be expected. Turles could almost taste the carnage he was about to wreak.

In the tower of the Zenon base, one of the watchmen saw a nearby panel light up, beeping urgently. The creature looked like a cross between a bird and a lizard, hunched over with orange hair sprouting from the top of his head and tapering down his back. The species was not good at combat, but were very competent with machinery and intelligence. None-the-less, they still wore armor, if only to look the part of a soldier serving under Frieza. He scooted over to the panel and looked at the readings. His eyebrows bobbed at the strange reading.
"Captain Ziff, we've acquired a strange reading sir." the worker said in a voice expected from a suck-up toady. Ziff on the other hand was a sharp contrast. A muscular alien, he was an impressive sight. He was the same species as the well known villian Cui. Purple skinned, bulbous head and a pair of tendrils coming from the corners of his mouth, he looked quite strange. But he was an elite of Frieza's mercenary army. Ziff was a stoic and steadfast soldier, his rock solid devotion to Frieza having earned him a command position of the base. It was a wise decision, Ziff having not made a single mistake since taking on the position, and ruled with an iron fist.  Or if necessary, two iron fists, and a pair of iron feet. With a power level at a whopping 13,000, he was able to easily subdue any fighter under his command. In total, the base had roughly 300 soldiers and a handful of other staff, like the worker in front of him.
"What is it Michi?" Ziff asked, striding powerfully to the worker's side. Ziff stood at six and a half feet tall, well toned and muscled with a short cape at his back. It helped signify his rank and authority. He was as devoted as they came, completely and utterly loyal to Frieza. In fact, he was one of the only soldiers under Frieza that didn't fear him. When this was discovered, Frieza actually admired the raw bravery of the soldier.

"I'm not sure, sir. Its one of our ships, but an outdated model. We don't use these anymore. But its not putting out any kind of signal. Its bearing down fast! From this trajectory, it looks like it'll land on landing pad A nearby." Michi looked up through one of the panels on the towers walls, seeing a tiny speck of a ship out in the distance. Ziff didn't speak for a moment, thinking. He was a warrior that said few words, believing actions spoke much louder.
"Have two squads waiting out on the landing pad. If anyone is hostile on board, they'll be dealt with." Ziff said plainly and then turned away, his cape flicking. Michi nodded and went about arranging the orders quickly. Withins seconds there were 20 soldiers waiting around the landing pad. Michi nodded, appreciating the efficiency they worked at. The incoming ship was larger now, still coming in. Michi seemed to feel that this would be interesting.

The 20 men waited for the ship to land, all dressed in standard padded armor. Most wore helmets that covered most of their faces. The group was a mish-mash of various species that had been conquered by Frieza. The silvery ships slowed abruptly as it began to touch down on the landing pad. Dust flew as the thrusters roared at the ground, softly touching down against the pad. Everything was bathed in a deep blue light, making it look like it was underwater. A landing platform hissed and slowly extended like the mouth of an animal. A tall shadowy figure strode down the platform and stood boldly in front of the waiting troops. A white cape fluttered behind the figure, appearing blue in the light. There was a pause, neither side moving for a moment. Then the air rocked with the sound of an explosion.

Ziff felt more than heard the detonation. The entire platform shook. In a flash he was at the nearest window, looking down at landing pad. Several of the men around the pad were scattering and running to the compound. A few others appeared to be fighting. Ziff didn't have to guess what happened to the men on the ground that weren't moving.
"Wh-whats happening? Whats going on?" Michi wailed, in terror. Ziff narrowed his eyes at the ground down there, trying to discern what was happening. He saw a flash of light, aimed in his direction. With speed born of adrenaline and skill Ziff wheeled around a sprinted at the opposite window, punching out the hardened glass and vaulting out of the tower. He was a blur of movement, Michi and the other workers not even having time to digest what was happening. Then the control tower erupted in a blast of flame and shrapnel. Ziff sailed down with the smoking wreckage, growling in his throat. This wouldn't look good on his record.

Sirens blaired loudly throughout the base, lights flashing every few seconds. Soldiers scrambled everywhere, no one quite sure what to do or what was happening. Some were pulling on their armor, waking up from naps. One squad was heading towards the landing pad, bent on clobbering whoever was causing the trouble. One man was slightly ahead of the others, jumping through a door- and getting launched back into his following teammates. They all fell in a heap like bowling pins, confused and dazed. In front of them stood a few figures, looking imposing while sillouetted by the intense blue light. They looked like spectres of tortured beings come back for vengeance. One soldier lifted his hand and fired an energy blast at the figures, hoping to dispel the ghosts. The formost figure whipped its arm out, deflecting the blast right back its original path. The blast hit and incinerated the original user, turning to ash after a half scream. The remaining soldiers backed up, outmatched. The formost figure raised his hand and blasted them all into oblivion. Then the figures spread out, scattering out through different hallways. Explosions rumbled throughout the complex, men suddenly finding fists jammed deep within their stomachs or heels in their faces. Bones shattered, skull cracked, organs ruptured, flesh fried and bodies blasted in a carnival of carnage.

Turles had come home...
This is another part of my art trade with [link]
I'd have gotten more done in here, but I'm sleepy! Boo hoo for me. :P

Anywhat, I hope everyone likes it!

The few pointless characters that die in here belong to me, although it doesn't matter much since their visiting King Yemma now. :P
Frieza and Turles belongs to Akira
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